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Monday, May 07, 2012

2M : Melbourne & Mitsubishi Lancer

Akhirnya blog ini dibiarkan berhabuk lagi.
Adeh.. bukan tak mahu kemas tau tapi tak berkesempatan aje.. Alasan aje tu hehehe :]
Hari ni nak cerita pasal 2M : Melbourne & Mitsubishi Lancer.
p/s: entri kali ini mengandungi banyak gambar~

1. Melbourne
Awan nano Melbourne

On 22nd March - 3rd April 2012, I went to Melbourne with my mom via Emirates Airlines. That was our first time travelled by Emirates. Recommended to fly with Emirates -- It served Halal Food & the best thing was their HUGE entertainment collection (they even got KAT-TUN's RESCUE). :)
Peta adalah kawan baik saya
Yup, as you know that I am not fluent communicate in English, it took me 3 days to slowly understand their ascent and now I think I got their ascent (no kidding!). It was totally different from Malay-English ascent which Australian Ascent has more expression & feeling while talking.
Melbourne Museum
We went to various kind of place, from the city to suburb we were touring, modern to classic.
Among the places were Melbourne Museum, Apple picking at Pickyourown Farm, Ballarat (Sovereign Hills, Wendouree Lake, Ballarat Wildlife Park),
Apple picking

The most Handsome guy I can find in Ballarat --seriously!
Koala Bear

Ballarat's weather was chiller than Melbourne. There was a night where the temperature drop until 2degree celcius and I was like trapped inside a freezer. Fog came out from my mouth <--that was a dream came true actually! hehe
Mama , me & Saiful


I even met my childhood mate, Saiful who studying  architecture at University of Melbourne. FYI, He's still single! hehehe
In front of Melbourne State Library

No matter what, I'm gonna miss those days I was in Melbourne. SOmeday, I'll go there again~
I ♥ Melbourne

the device inside Emirates Airlines
Ok. it's time to go back home. :) Til we meet again Mel!

2. Mitsubishi Lancer

Cantik bergaya :)
 Do you know that Hot Wheels was a Malaysian product? Pretty shocked,right?
Yup, It tells "MADE IN MALAYSIA" on the back of the card. *clap!clap!clap!
And now, I'm into HW but i'm looking only for Mitsubishi Lancer models. I found one at Melbourne Airport (the matchbox ones) & I ♥ it until I die! :)
Lancer Takara Tomy Biru & Merah

Now I have 5 Lancers & very proud of 'em! <---bangga


  1. Hi Farhana, nice to know that you are also Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution die cast collector.
    Hope the see more of your collection here!


    1. Hi Danielh,
      thanks for visiting!
      Actually, I started this hobby last month during my visit to Melbourne where my friend asked me to buy HW for him (HW is cheaper in Melb). Then I found this Matchbox Lancer & bought it for myself.

      You must be an expert in this field. I am sure you can guide me :)

      Btw, I just got my 6th Lancer! :)


    2. Wow! congrats on the newer addition! To get these matchbox or hotwheels version are much easier than you can find here locally. The models that you've posted are from Tomica brand, we still can find it here but sold out very fast due to very high demand in these famous Japanese brand.

      Another Tomica new release are Mitsubishi Lancer Chinese Police car, i'm sure you can get it in melbourne but i still havent seen these yet locally.

      regards, danielh