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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I feel bad today. Really really bad!
I was not supposed to stalk him. I am sorry but my curious heart forced me to do so. (Don't blame me coz my heart has been stolen by you)
Well, the story began when I'm typing his real name using Mr. Google & I found a blog of old him which was full of happiness and joy. His photos with someone he loved the most, his poetic articles about their long-distance relationship & he even shared out his love story. Awww, he is so cute and lovely. by the way, I really adore(jealous, to be exact) his love because she got the most gentleman man on earth. <---am I in love with him??? OH NOOOO~ whoopsie.. :D
Oh no! Am I a stalker? hmmm... I guessed so. Seems all my life is full of him.
Arguing with him is the best moment in my life. I hope he will not discovered that I just stalked him.
Hope he will success and happy in his life. oh my red Ferrari~

please forgive me for being such a gurl coz wo zhende hen ai ni.

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