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Friday, August 13, 2010

My chinese music influence~ ^_^

I like Jay Chou since 2000. The same year where Jay launched his second album, FANTASY.
Actually my friend, Daphne introduced me to Jay's music. She gave me a CD with full of chinese MP3s- with Lee Hom, SHE, Power Station & Jay Chou. 1st Jay's song that catched my ears was Jian Dan Ai (Simple Love) because it contains simple Chinese words and I easily understand + memorized the song.

So, since then I'd been collecting Jay's CD till the latest ERA, his 10th album. But sadly I dont have his 1st album CD. :(


  1. Hi there..

    i want learn chinese language, but don`t have any idea for heard any song of chinese artist. thanks for your shared.. =D


  2. Hello there.
    Thanx for droppin' by to my blog.

    What type of song would like me to recommend? Here's my suggestion.
    If you like:
    1. R&B/Classical - Jay Chou & F.I.R.
    2. Rock - Power Station, LMF (LMF contais 3. explicit lyric & they're sing in cantonese)
    3. SOft/Ballad - Sun YanZi, Fish Leong, Nicholas Teo (also known as Zhang Dong Liang)

    p/s: Jay Chou has all type of music in his albums. I recommend you to hear all his song first.

    Happy learning Mandarin from me.