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Friday, June 03, 2011

I Trust You but... do you?

Hello Everyone,

Today's entry will be fully in English. I'm doing this because I want to improve my writing skills. Yes, I have problem in grammar & vocabulary and I hope by doing this, I am able to improve my skills. By the way, my grammar is like a 7months old baby~ Enjoy reading my writing ^_^

My Niece - Intan Sufi

Saying nice to me doesn't seem anything to you. Yup. Saying to me infinity sweet promises~
Well people, I'm not the type who love to do last-minute-thingy. Planning at least about when the actual time to go, where will be the exact place to hang around. I love planning. But usually it(planning) hates me because I changed it last minute. 
"I'm so sorry, planning. I'd tried to be punctual." <- I say this with all my heart T-T

One more thing, I would to ask;
Have you ever waiting for people while you were in hurry to be in other place? 
How do you feel? Dissappointed? or Frustrated? Can you express your feeling? 

Now, my question is have you ever let people been waiting for you? 
How do you feel? Guilty or not guilty?

The moral of the story: BE PUNCTUAL! Recipe of success is good time management. So, please be punctual & don't let people wait for you.

Source: Google Search
Like Linkin' Park says, "And I know I may end up failing too. But I know you were just like me..
With someone disappointed in you" - (Numb)

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